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PTEI2 Story
PTEI 2.5





After taking out the Primary Evil Pokémon, the Pokémon world was restored to its original state... Pokémon & Humans lived in harmony again.

Only 48 hours after the Incident in the Pokémon World was over, the Pokémon started taking over its neighbouring world "Jotho". Not under-estimating the Pokémon again, the worlds leading armies sent in all their troops... If a single man can make a stand surely an intire army can... right?

The border between Jotho and the Old Pokémon World are completely sealed of by the Global Defence Force the "World Army". From the distance, soldiers could see a single figure marching from the Old Pokémon World towards Jotho.

As the figure came closer, All the soldiers recognized him. "Colonel!" they all said. The man didn't stop to talk or rest, he went strait for the Armory and loaded up on gear.

Then he marched on into Jotho, into a world infected with Evil Pokémon. Can he stop the Evil Pokemon Army once again?