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Nath Here!

Thank god I was such a big PTEI fan (still am, infact im a bigger fan now). I've recorded every email, and the first few MSN chats we had. :P

This is a snippet of an IRC conversation taken between Roman, member of the Sky Tower Games staff; and Colt, creator of the RPG Maker 2000 game, Pokémon: the Evil Inside.

[Roman] Hey there, thanks for coming!
* Roman shakes Colts hand.
[Roman] Alright, first off, tell us about yourself. How long have you been in the RM2K scene?
[Colt] Well, I started about 3 years ago, I just came across something called RPG Maker... I thought it was interesting and I checked it out. I started making some very simple games which used only RTP Graphics and of course no CBS or CMS...
[Colt] eventually I became bored with it and stopped for a while (I just started research for a Shooting Battle System)... when I started again about 6 months later I became more aware of what I could do with RM2K and continued with Pokemon: The Evil Inside.
[Roman] What inspired you to make Pokemon: TEI?
[Colt] Well for starters, The TV series started to bug me... at first it was okay and I enjoyed it. Later the [episodes] were all the same ... Pikachu this, pikachu that... I wanted to make it stop. After fixing a nice story to go along with it, I started making it... it also gave me a change to test my skills with RM2K.
[Roman] Hey, I started to dislike the show for the same reason! But enough with that, some fans may be reading this. What do you think was the worst problem in the game?
[Roman] Or, better yet, what could you have improved on more?
[Colt] Well to my opinion the worst problem of my game was that the First 2 levels sucked... which made a lot of players stop from completing the game. The biggest problem the players told me was the Grammar and Spelling... English isn't my main language so, Part 2 will be checked by an English guy ;)
[Colt] What I could improve more? I wish I'd improved my grammar and spelling and of course have no bugs in the game
[Roman] Fortunately, Part 2's grammar and spelling have MUCH improved.
[Roman] But Pokemon: TEI was still a really popular game, even with Pokemon fans. What do you think made everyone like it so much?
[Colt] I really don't know. I'm guessing that it was the dynamic game play the game had, everything is fast and instead of depending on your RPG skills it tested your own Reaction Speed, Timing and Observation Skills... at least that's what people who I know said when they played it (compared to other Rm2K games)
[Roman] Let's talk about the Sequel, Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2, The Three Werepokemon. Did I get it all?
[Colt] Yes, that's the official title :D Most people just call it PTEI2 or Part 2.
[Roman] Haha, good. What exactly are the "3 Werepokemon?"
[Colt] Well at the end of Part 1... the final boss tells you about 3 pokemon in human form (right after you beat him)... these are the 3 Werepokemon
[Roman] So like Pokemon in disguise? Heh, I bet I already know what pokemon they are. ;). But hey, I won't say, can't reveal anything to anyone.
[Roman] Tell me a bit about the "Partner System."
[Colt] Well I thought it would be fun to have a partner... many people asked for a Pokemon partner but that was out of the question, so I wanted to make something similar and came up with a Human Partner. This also helps to show the story behind Colt. He is a Colonel in a Global Defense Force and allot of soldiers are under your command. Allot of these soldiers you'll meet during the game and they will assist you to make the easier.
[Roman] It was a very nice touch, something I hadn't seen before in RM2K.
[Roman] And of course, there was the Charizard Scene. I was hoping to get some help on the boss, but I guess I'd have to do it the old fashioned way.
[Colt] Well, there will be boss where a partner will help you. Just not right at the start... then you're on your own
[Roman] Awesome. Do you have any idea as to when the final game will be released?
[Colt] Well, I already announced it. Between July 14 and August 27 (then I'm free from school, so I have a lot of time)
[Roman] Haha, I must have missed that.
[Roman] One last question: What other features can we find in the final version of the game? I saw a long list of suggestions at the Suggestion Topic in the forums.
[Colt] Well, almost all of the suggestions will be in the game as I promised... some are cancelled or changed. There will also be a Command Level where you can command a bunch of soldiers trough a level, allot of vehicles you can drive from tanks to A10 thunderbolt, of course part 2 will have the trailer of part 3 and there will be something similar to "Operation: Wipe Out" with more playable chars and longer missions... and don't forget the VR Missions
[Roman] Interesting. I, personally, can't wait for this game to come out.
[Roman] Well, that's all for the questions. Colt, it was nice talking to you.
* Roman shakes Colt's hand, waves, and leaves.
[Roman] ;)
[Colt] Well likewise.
[Colt] Thanks for the interview.