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PTEI 2.5





27 May 2008

PTEI Teaser Trailer!
The time has come where I make a short trailer for PTEI 2.5. I hope you guys like it! I'll keep you guys updated with my progress.

Enjoy! laughing

19 Apr 2008

I'm not dead.
Much like my status in the RM2K/3 Dev community, I seem to disappear quite a bit. I'm not dead, just busy with my University life and busy work schedule. Summer is starting soon, and I wish to do lots of work on PTEI2.5. I'm the kind of person who puts in 3 hardcore days of work, and 3 months off. I hate myself for being like that, but it is hard to keep focused.

I promise you guys that I will deliver 2.5 as soon as I can. It will be simply awesome.

As for the big news right now, WID HAS BEEN RELEASED!! What better news can we get!!! I'm currently downloading the full version right now, and will play through it right when my exams are done, at the end of April. For all of you who are eager to get the game as well, check here for full instructions on downloading. Congrats Colt, imo you're the best gaming dev I know.

Keep up the good work!

28 Nov 2007

First PTEI 2.5 Release Video!
Alright guys, I've done a lot of work the past few days with PTEI2.5. The largest portion of what I've done is double the amount of weapons in the game.

Now, Colt can fight with a Desert Eagle, MP5, P90, UZI, MAC-10 x2, AK-47 and the Panzerfaust.

Now, all the weapons are currently fully playable. New sound effects and a few new animations have been added as well. The game has never sounded more awesome, especially with a large subwoofer like I have. laughing

The prices of the weapons have been reconfigured, and the game itself will be more challenging to obtain a better weapon as you progress. Also, I don't consider the new levels bonuses anymore. It is like a new game entirely. Also, since the platform is RM2K3, I'm thinking of adding some numerical commands (using the keys 1, 2, 3 ect) for some extra colt specials, stay tuned for those. In the mean time, check out this badass video.


P.S. Don't ask how long it took to code the panzerfaust system. laughing

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