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14 Aug 2006

Cutenews fixed!
We gotta thanks Bmage for this one, the one who just mailed me the correct coding for the cutenews templates. Now the news looks good and the comments are actually readable without having to select them. Thanks Bm.

Other then that, not to much to report besides my ongoing struggle to finish my "World In Danger" project. Nearly all levels have been graphicly build and I should be able to start actually programming them soon. Fortunatly that is suppose to be the the easiest and quickest part of the game. The overall system coding is 95% complete, only needs some bug fixing and fine tuning.

Let me also notify everyone that visits this site about, something in my real-life situation. Starting November 6th i'll be a in the Dutch army, which means I'll be away from home ALLOT! Thus any progress on the probably most anticipated project will be very slow. With this I am saying don't expect PTEI3 anytime soon, right now I am focussing on finishing "World In Danger" before November. Which unfortunatly is also looking like a near impossibility... I'll try my best to finish it in time, sorry for this dissapointing news.

09 Jul 2006

To all RPGMaker Graphic artists!
PTEI Staff wants you!

Let me explain, at the moment both Blackmage#1 and myself are very busy with loads of projects. THose include, World In Danger, Blessone, PTEI2.5 and PTEI3.
In order to get PTEI3 done as fast as possible, we're looking for graphics artists who can lend us a hand in making the needed resources, such as charsets, chip/tilesets and various other graphics.

Are you a sprite or chipset expert and you want to help out, please contact me at colt1337@yahoo.com.

08 Jun 2006

An update!? Noway...
Thats right, an update.
For some reason the cutenews thing on the website broke. So again I had to reinstall it sad

Besides that there also has been an update to the website. Namely a new affiliate "Dark Studios". Run by Filip Orekhov and featuring a very promising rm2k action shooting game under the name: "Insignia". A demo is available on his website and let me tell you it's deffinatly worth playing. It had me wanting more after the demo ended.
Fan of shooting games for rpgmaker, check out Insignia!
(You can the link to Dark Studios, on the right affiliates bar or on the affiliates page)

It has come to my attention that the PTEI game downloads often go offline. When this happens you could best e-mail me and use a obvious title for your e-mail. Something like: ptei2 link broken, ptei download isn't working or something of that manner.

Last but not least for those you have been worndering about my current projects, it's going well with the progress and more information will be released soon. As usual I like to keep stuff secret until release.

That is all, till next update wink

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