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27 Dec 2006

New memeber
Wow my first ptei post, well basically b-mage just added me on here and i just wanted to show my face a bit. Well some of you might know i am working on a game called ptei zero. I have changed the story and systems round quite a bit but i am now happy to say i have finally come up with the system. The system is being worked on at the moment quite frequently by myself and N.Snake who some of you may know from the forums, he is also making a game called john of the dead which is a brilliant game.

I wanted to make this game in rm2k3 but because of the systems i will be using i have to use scripting, fear not because even though i will be using rmxp i will try my best to keep it as rm2k(3) as i can, I will be using a full screen script and i will also be using resized rm2k sprites (i am not currently sure if i will be using resized chipsets yet or not).

The story has been changed round many times aswell, i will probably will release a story soon. I has also been brought to my attention that colt got hurt badly in the army, sorry man.

Well anywhoz, im guessing your bored of reading my annoying sluggish writing by now, i will try and get some screenshots done by next week and post them on.

I will also try and leave with a chav joke every time so here goes our first one.

what do you say to a chav with a job?
Big mac please

13 Oct 2006

PTEI 2.5 Underway!
Hey guys. I just posted an informative post about PTEI 2.5, and what is to come with it. Please visit the thread to read and comment on what is to be done. If you are not signed up on the forums, I suggest you do that! Cheers for now! wink

15 Aug 2006

New poll
Hey we got a new poll, take a look and give your opinion. I would like to ask the people who voted for either of the last two option, to specify what sort of project they would like to see Me and/or Bmage make and to specify which project your looking forward that isn't made by Me and/or Bmage.

On other good news, I just got word from bmage. He's been having allot of computer problems for the last few weeks but informed me that that'll be a thing of the past and he'll resume working on PTEI2.5!

Thanks for your time wink

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