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07 Jul 2007

Forum upgrade, security meassurments and update.
Hey everyone.

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but there have been people who register on the forum and post links to commercials or whatever. The same has been done in the comments in the news. To counter this, I've changed the forums policy of registration. From now on the only why to become a member is by an admins aproval.
Also the e-mail hosts "list.ru" and "inbox.ru" have been banned from the forums. If you are using one of these e-mails and wish to become a serious member of the forums, please send me an e-mail and I'll help you out.

To further increase security, the forum has been upgraded to the latest version. The forum was in maintenance mode for about 5 minutes, so noone must have really noticed. I hope to prevent these things from happening again, so we can keep this site and forum clean.
Sure we might be a bit dead now, just wait till I get World In Danger done. Which is soon, because I am working on the comics scenes of the final chapter! The end is near everyone, thanks for sticking it out for so long and giving me and the ptei-team support.

28 Jun 2007

Hi i was wondering what you all thought of this image, i haven't really done much to it yet, i custom made the character but i need to finish the HUDs for example i haven't done any ammo yet and although theres a pistol at the top corner he doesn't appear to be carrying one.

if you know anything about php scripts and are willing to give up about 10 minuites of your time then please get in touch, either leave a comment here, write in the shoutbox on my website (located at the side) or email me at dexter_marsh@hotmail.co.uk

thanks a lot :)

20 Feb 2007

PTEI Gladiator: Timelessness
Okay i have finally finished moving the story about and changing the title name and i have finally got the full story and title. The title of this game from now on is PTEI Gladiator: Timelessness
If you are wondering why this is called Timelessness because i have another project called timelessness, this is because i have scrapped the last project and decided to put a little rpg element in this PTEI, you will see that from the two early screenshots below.
Now for the Story

Colt finally defeated the three were pokemon and the world is at ease ....... colt is returning to his hometown but when he gets there he finds something of a greater evil then he has ever faced before ..........

+ for the first time in he ptei series, wield meelee weapons aswell as firearms
+ for the first time you can level up colt to make his hp and strength greater
+ for the first time colt can use skills
+ for the first time you can equip skills using an indepth skill system, similar to the materia system
+ for the first time you can collect cards

Okay thats about it for now, i will later release why it is called timelessness, yes the game does have something to do with time.

Now for the good stuff, heres the screenshots, these are very early in development and are by no means the final screenshots. I would also like to add i am a little embarrased to post these screens right after wid which looks amazing but anyway here you go.
oh also it is now in rm2k3 not rmxp.

(early development Screenshot) Colt returns to his hometown for the first time)

(early development Screenshot) The custom menu system, very early, but no means the final layout

I have decided not to end with a chav joke this time but a goth joke
how do you get a goth out of a tree?
cut the rope

If anyone wants to help out in any way then email me or leave a comment.

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