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26 Nov 2007

Updated Forums!
Hey guys, a quick updated from your friend bmage. I have revamped the forum skin and fixed up some little errors in the forums. The forums are now better then ever! I hope you all enjoy.

Also, I have been doing some work on PTEI2.5, and PTEI has never looked better. I will upload some video clips of work I've been doing in due time. Stay tuned! wink

07 Nov 2007

Completely updated site
Hey everyone,

Welcome to the completed new official Pokémon the Evil inside website. The news archive has been cleaned to only inlcude PTEI releated news. The other news pretty much almost all of it concerned WID, so those news reports can be found on the offical wid website. Here: http://wid.coltgames.com

Ofcourse the both sites use the same forum and polls. The looks aren't much different either, just another banner and a different colour scheme. Other then that, i've deleted the unactive affiliates.
Tonight I'll put the final finishing touch on the website by hosting both PTEI1 and PTEI2 downloads on our own server. The "working" secondary download links will remain visible, just in case.

Looks pretty good right? wink
Especially the splash page at the site entrance made by Blackmage#1 check it if you haven't already: http://coltgames.com
Way yo go blackmage#1, excellent work.

Jusqu'ŕ la fois prochaine

31 Oct 2007

Forum moved and upgraded
Hey everyone,

The once who have visited the forum today will already know this. I've moved the forums to a new host... namely one I purchased today. And while I was at it, i've also upgraded the forums version, with a new good looking default theme. The rest of the site will move to this new location aswell.

With my own host, I can offer direct and always reliable downloads to all my games. At first I've used freehosts, which tend to go offline after some time. I couldn't put it on Naughty Calibur's host, that would eat his bandwidth. And that wouldn't be very nice, since Naughty Calibur was kind enough to host the website in the first place. Thanks allot for having hosted the website NC, you've been the best host i've had.

As for World In Danger, still working on the extras, But I've also begun beta-testing it myself. I'm playing the game over and over again, to find bugs or errors and to improve the overal game itself (adding extra effects, sounds, music, ect.) It's going pretty good, and let me tell you one thing. No matter how many times I play trough the levels, I always enjoy playing them ;)

Bis folgendes Mal

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