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Bless One
PTEI 2.5





A project by black_mage#1.

Bless One Description:

      After years of preparation, years of hard work and dedication, a demo might be finally released taking the RM2K/RM2K3 world by storm. Bless One is an RPG based on mafias, mobs and street gangs, in a world where government has no longer control. It features a Custom Battle System, complete with limit breaks, special attacks, special statuses, and 50+ enemies. It has a full CMS with gang statistics, items, hero upgrades, equiping and more. Also features tons of mini-games, such as card games, and even a resident evil type mode. The game is completly customizable and set to your liking, upon how you will take on this world of anarchy.
Bless One Story Summary:

      Zander suffered amnesia. He had forgotten who he was, what he was doing, where he was going. But, in concequence, Zander's history found him.
      You play the role of Zander Valentine, and his gang of men who must fight to understand why everyone wants him dead. Severnius, Hobbs and Canas, along with others aid Zander in gaining gang respect, as well as reputation to become what everybody else is striving to be. Blessed with the souls of the world, Zander will become a threat that no one could match. Then again... every gang attempts to create their own force... because you cannot Bless many.... indefinatly, you can only Bless One.

Bless One Screens: (Subject to change)


Bless One Downloads:
      None at the moment. Please check back at www.blessone.tk for news updates and info.


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Bless One

Bless One


Release Date:
To Be Announced