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11 Aug 2015

First Game
I will be very surprised if anyone reads this but thought I'd still see if anything goes on with these sites any more, I have just released my first game on the play store, go see it:
If anyone wants to collaborate or get in contact then email oddnamesgaming@gmail.com
Thanks and good luck with everything everyone :)

11 Jan 2012

Not dead.
Just a note to all the current PTEI and Coltgame fans. Colt and I are indeed alive and doing well. We are simply busy with life, as we are human just as you are. *Unless you are a Google bot scanning this, which in that case, GTFO*.

Regardless, I hope you all had a great new year, and when extra time falls in my lap, I will certainly get PTEI 2.5 up and available for download, as a standalone game. Cheers for now! smile

22 Feb 2010

New tutorial and update on PTEI3 status
Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since the last update on this website. We do have a new feature to offer, namely a new shooting game tutorial demo. This time arround it is designed for RPG Maker 2003, and features a nice varitity of special features essential for a shooting game; For example: Realistic shooting, with an event based shooting system. This means you can't shoot trough walls or other objects. Switching between semi-fire and auto-fire. Manual reload. And last but not least. Shooting enemies with build-in AI. That's right, the demo includes two enemies who have been programmed to engage the hero character in a shoot-out!
Check out the tutorial section of the website to download the demo.

As for PTEi3, it is currently in progress. It will be made for RPG Maker 2003, feature the smooth action gameplay from PTEi2 and it will include the return of action-packed cutscenes.

That is all for now,
Until Next time.

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